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Conditions of competition

competition is held only on the territory of the Russian Federation. The competition can take part any registered site user further competitor. Participation in the competition automatically implies acquaintance and Contestant agree to these Terms. Each contestant must answer 20 questions. The competition results are summed at the end of each week. The first correctly answered all 20 questions wins a prize.

prohibited any manipulation of the results of competition: the use of scripts, bots, holes in the script, etc. Prizes for the fraudulent victory denied.

on the e-mail the winner receives a message about winning. Winner to receive the Prize must be no later than 10 days after receiving such a message to send him the address for delivery of prize. If the winner is not sent to the prize delivery address within 10 days, after a specified period of such winner will automatically lose the right to claim the prize. Forward prize winner at the expense.

competition is held every week, the message is the start of the contest to win a prize everyone can see on the home page under "News." Organizer of the Contest is not responsible for technical problems on the website and related faults in the framework of the competition, if they arose through no fault of the Organizer of the Contest.

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