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Address: 433340, Russia, Ulyanovsk region, Ulyanovsk area, Undory village

Excursion bureau: +79278012310

From Ulyanovsk it is possible to reach Undoras village: On own transport from Ulyanovsk - 40 km to the north to Isheevks genitive, further according to indexes to Undorys village.

By the regular bus - from the central road service station of Ulyanovsk to Undorys village. Time of following of 1 hour.

Movement of buses: daily from road service station of Ulyanovsk to sanatorium "of V.I.Lenin": 08-00; 11-42; 15-30.

From sanatorium to road service station: 9-30; 12-55; 17-00.
- On a share taxi No. 175 from Victory park (Ulyanovsk). Departure schedule: each 40 minutes. Following time: 40 minutes.

- By a taxi

Museum coordinates for navigation GPS (in two options):
N54.60994* N54*36.597
E048.38816* E048*23.290