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We offer services in a preparation, reconstruction (restoration) and preservation of fossil organisms. The purpose of preparation is the maximum release of fossils from breed surrounding them. The prepared samples look most presentably and they increase value of your collection. Work on preparation is labor-consuming, demands professionalism and existence of the modern equipment. Now there are two ways of preparation: chemical and mechanical. We apply a mechanical way and we use the most modern equipment of the European and American producers. From a hammer with a chisel we passed long ago to more productive equipment – to pneumatic equipment. A principle of their work the same, as at a jackhammer. Under big pressure upon a special tip air from the compressor that leads to its strengthened vibrations and breed destruction round a sample moves. The sample is cleared even of the most dense breed quickly and qualitatively.

Examples of the executed works are presented on pages of this section. If you have a sample of a fossil organism and you wish it to process, simply send us the letter with photos for the order and write that is required from us. We can realize any your imagination or we will help you to finish thinking about it.

Аммонит Speetoniceras   Плита с раковинами головоногих моллюсков   Позвонок сухопутного динозавра - брахиозавра   Танатаценоз c аммонитами Simbirskites и двустворчатыми моллюсками   Танатаценоз с аммонитами Simbirskites

Фрагмент черепа ихтиозавра с хорошо сохранившимся склеротическим кольцом   Штуф с аммонитами Craspedites   Штуф с аммонитами Garniericeras, Craspedites и рострами белемнитов